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Nananananananana BUTTMAN! [Mar. 24th, 2014|05:20 am]

Blehhh. Yet another overnight shift. Coworker is out of town, and of course I'm the poor sucker stuck covering for him. it's totally screwing with my sleep schedule. At least I get to go back to day shifts by Friday. Forgot my phone charger at home tonight, so all I can do to pass the time is journal and read a bit before the batteries on my phone and kindle die. Man I hate the overnight shift. At least I'm only doing it for two nights, but it's still a pain in the ass. I know I'm going to want to sleep all day on my day off, but I'll have to try to find a way to just nap periodically. That way I can sleep like a normal person when I go back to work.




In other news, the last week or so of my life has been hectic. Some bad luck has rolled my way. A piece of shit tweaker slashed a tire on my car a few nights ago. All because I kicked him out of the store, and made him look like an asshole. He held up his hand like he was going to swing at me, and when I started moving toward him he turned around and ran face first into the door. That part was hilarious. Few minutes later though I saw him on the security camera, running out of the store's parking garage. Come the end of my shift, I find I have a flat tire. At least I had a spare, but I still had to buy a new tire. That was money I had other plans for.
I also cracked a few ribs recently, and that's been fun dealing with. it generally doesn't bother me too much during the day, but sleeping has been difficult. Every time I roll over, I get sharp pain that jolts me awake. Doesn't hurt as bad as the last time I cracked my ribs, so hopefully it will heal quicker this time.




I guess this doesn't count as bad luck towards me, but my lovely girlfriend had her super awesome 1970s vespa stolen. it was the day after my tire got slashed too, so it was like we both had bad vehicle luck. Hers was way shittier though. A new tire only cost me 90 bucks. That scooter was so cool too. I'm bummed I never got a chance to ride it.




I thought I'd finally found a new job. Had an interview, and felt like I nailed it. My lady love was so sweet, and made me dinner and spent the night with me to get me pumped up for the interview. She made these awesome quesadillas. Both chorizo and dessert style. There were so delicious. She gave me a massage, and we snuggled all night. It was great, I was so stoked when I went to the interview the next morning. Kept the good feelings going with a celebratory date with my love. Had more awesome food and drinks. Lots of tasty cheeses, desserts, and some really awesome goat cheese tarts. Not to mention the cured pork slices that were practically orgasmic. We both felt high on delicious food when we left, it was an awesome day. Fast forward to the next morning, I was supposed to go to an orientation for my new job, but found out just before that the company was a scam. They made it sound like it was going to be some assembly work, paired with occasionally demonstrating the equipment for other companies. Turns out the job was more like straight up door to door sales. They even try to make you buy the equipment from them, so you could potentially lose money by working for them. Shitty. Just glad I found out before I bothered going to the orientation. Almost everyone I've talked to about it has heard of the company, and had their own bad experiences with them. Good thing I found out before I got in too deep, but it's still a bummer because I was sure I'd finally found a way out from the porn shop.




Things haven't been all bad though. Things are still great with me and my girlfriend. I'm totally in love with her, and she feels the same way. I really feel like she's the most important thing in my life. I know I'd be a lot more bummed about stuff if I didn't have her to keep me positive. Honestly, it's like everything else is trivial and unimportant as long as I've got her love. She does so much to make me happy and stoked about everything. I really am a lucky guy just by having her in my life.