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You gonna get raped [Jan. 5th, 2013|05:01 am]
[mood |annoyed]
[music |Alice in Chains]

At work again. Just wanted to rant about something that has been bothering me lately. Don't worry, it's not work related. I'm sick of complaining about me job.  There's this picture floating around the internet, and I've seen it on facebook a lot lately. I can't complain about it there without starting some sort of flame war. As we all know, arguing over the internet is like competing in the special Olympics.  Even if you win, you're still retarded. The picture is of an attractive young woman, shirtless, with bandages on her nipples, and the words "still not asking for it" written on her chest. I'm going to ignore all the other arguments ive seen over this picture, and just say what bugs me about it. First off, nobody asks to get raped, regardless of how they're dressed, that's what makes it rape. I can understand that there are ignorant people out there who genuinely believe that provocatively dressed women are "asking" for trouble. They're ignorant pieces of shit. Still, it can be argued that regardless of how people should act, there will always be people who will act otherwise. If I want to put on a KKK robe and walk through a black neighborhood, that's my business. Some people will think I'm "asking" to get my ass kicked, but legally I have the right to dress however I like. I should be able to feel safe anywhere, regardless of how im dressed. After all, we're humans, not animals, and we're capable of self control.  Chances are good I'm going to get my ass kicked though, or at least chewed out by an angry black person.  That said, I really don't think anyone deserves to be raped, regardless of how slutty they dress. Still, there's a level of personal responsibility that goes into how we look and act in public. While we have the freedom to dress whatever way we want, we need to accept that not everyone may respond to us positively. This doesn't make the actions of other people our fault. I just think there's a degree of common sense and an element of risk we need to be aware of in our day to day lives. You want to parade around town completely nude, you should be able to do so without fear of harm. That doesn't mean it's going to turn out that way though. There may be people you run into in the world who would wish you harm. That's it. End rant. Mostly I'm just annoyed that a shirtless woman has become a center of attention for being "edgy", and has sparked numerous stupid debates between idiots on the internet.