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choo choo! all aboard the cancer train! next stop, horribly painful death! [Dec. 29th, 2012|07:11 am]
So I didn't manage to get my job hunt started yesterday. I had to wake up earlier than I expected, so I got less sleep. It was also poor quality sleep. The kind of sleep where you're not really even sure you slept. I'm pretty sure I had dreams at some point, but they were those dreams where I'm not sure if I was really dreaming, or if my mind was just wandering. I don't work tomorrow night though, so I can sleep all day, and spend all night job searching on craigslist and the rest of the internet. Internet is probably going to be my best bet for full time work. Everything around me is probably just part time. Except maybe thrift store down the street. They probably don't pay much either though. The idea is to get a better job AND make more money. We'll just have to see how it goes. Hopefully I will be able to find something that will pay well, be full time, and still give me the right schedule to where I can continue being involved with frope. Though to be honest, if I start making more money, I'll probably buy my own camera and start doing my own projects that I've been pondering. Not that I would stop being involved in frope. It's too early to say anything really. I've been irritated with everything lately. It's probably the combination of stress from different things. Job, travel, family, living situation, etc. Bah! I don't feel like bitching about this stuff tonight. I'll talk about my trip to minnesota instead. It was pretty alright. Obviously I survived both plane rides. Though I definitely didn't have a great time on either. I wanted to hang out with tegan, and possibly kari while I was in town, but I was always too busy/tired/hungover. I don't feel terrible about not getting to see them. I was more interested in seeing tegan of the two. Even though I feel like if I had hung out with kari I probably would have gotten laid. Don't know why, just call it a hunch. In the end hanging out with kari probably would have been more trouble than it would be worth. It was really cold in minnesota too, so that made it extra difficult to get motivated for travel.

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